Call for Papers on Collapse and Cosmogenesis

| June 20, 2023 | Leave a Comment

The Center for Ecozoic Studies invites contributions for its upcoming publications

Collapse: What is modern techno-industrial culture and is its collapse real? What does the collapse, if any, of the modern techno-industrial culture mean? If you believe we are in the midst of this collapse or that it is imminent, what is the role of ecozoans in the midst of this collapse? If you do not foresee collapse, what do you see ahead for modern techno-industrial culture? (Submit by June 26)

Cosmogenesis: This is the flipside of collapse—the universe is always birthing the new. For this issue, comments are invited about Brian Swimme’s book by that name and, also, other articles regarding the generativity of the universe, Earth, and humans. (Submit by July 17)

Email by June 26, 2023, any essays, poetry, or art to; or by  July 17 for items about cosmogenesis. This email address can also be used for questions or comments. Please review the Center for Ecozoic Studies Guidelines for Publications prior to submission.

Herman Green and Ruben Nelson have written about the collapse of modern techno-industrial culture at The New Ecozoic Reader:

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