Changing Tack, An Ecological Account of My Life

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Year of Publication: 2015

Publisher: Sustainability Press

Author(s): Robert Spence

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Changing Tack is an inspirational account of one man’s quest to understand ecology and use it to live more fully in his daily work and play. The book shows how the environment is an active player in our personal lives, not just in global disasters and far-away places. Stories from the author’s life bear witness to the ecological meaning of everyday events.

The truth of the matter is that the pond was not in a derelict field. Only a person who is ignorant of nature’s variety could make such a statement. The field was full of plants and animals who would have told that person (if only they had been consulted) that it was a garden of fantastic delight. Insects and fungi no doubt revelled in it too. It was just the humans who thought the field was a derelict wasteland. And in the middle of that abundance of life there was a pond. Ponds, like other wetlands, are among the most biologically active and diverse places around. They combine a winning mix of food and water that attracts living things –pants, animals, insects, fungi. Bacteria too. My adventure was played out against the backdrop of a teeming nature. Nature is around us wherever we are and it is especially prolific in ponds. In my case, the most obvious wonder of the pond was the frog spawn.

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