The Club of Rome Climate Emergency Plan

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Date of Publication: December, 2018

Year of Publication: 2018

Author(s): The Club of Rome

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With this emergency paper, the Club of Rome is attempting to respond to the direct  calls for action from citizens around the world, and to formulate a plan that will meet suitable ambitious reduction targets and ensure climate stability.

The recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report on the impact of 1.5 °C and 2°C warming above pre-industrial levels sends a stark reminder to humanity about the existential threat posed by climate change. To avoid the worst of the predicted outcomes, global carbon emissions must be cut by half by 2030, to zero by 2050. This is an unprecedented task, requiring a reduction rate of at least 7% annually; no country has to date achieved more than 1.5%. The only possible response is emergency action that will transform human social, economic and financial systems.

The Club of Rome and its partners call on all stakeholders – governments, civil society, scientific institutions, business – to adopt the following emergency action plan, based on the Carbon Law Initiative approach to halve global GHG emissions every decade till 2050v, and the industrialized countries’ Paris commitment to provide a minimum of US$100 billion dollars annually to low-income countries in support of low-carbon technology development and adaptation.


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  • Greeley Miklashek

    Climate change is real and ongoing. And, as Dave Gardner says in his comment, “we are ALREADY overpopulated and must begin scaling back population as soon as possible”, but why? Here’s some motivation for depopulation: population density stress (from overpopulation) is killing us NOW, through ALL of our “diseases of civilization”, none of which are found in traditional living hunter-gatherers who are sparsely populated and live lightly on their “marginal” lands. For comparison, 12,000 years ago, when our ancestors began sedentary agriculture, our ancestors numbered just 2.6M worldwide. We are now nearly 3,000 times as many and the earth is increasingly burdened with our incessant search for and extraction of finite natural resources and the inevitable pollution generated with their disposal.

    Mother Nature has built into our physiology neuro-endocrine systems “designed” to limit our numbers in situations of overpopulation through these “diseases of civilization” (heart disease, stroke, cancers, lung diseases, obesity and diabetes, addiction/OD/suicide, mental illnesses, etc.), but Her final weapon is our increasing infertility (100% in the past 34 years) and falling sperm counts (59% in 38 years). Crowded animal experiments over the past 70 years have always ended with TOTAL EXTINCTION OF THE CROWDED POPULATION through infertility and social disruption of pup rearing (aka family life). We are on the same course and headed toward a point of no-return as soon as the end of this century. Have we got your attention now? Or do you just want to sit back, watch the gladiators maim eachother in another “Super Bowl” and wait for our children and grandchildren to be swept away by one disease of civilization or another, as our entire species approaches extinction, let alone so many others we are driving to extinction before our onslaught? The choice is ours. Is that choice any clearer now? Stress R Us

  • Dave Gardner

    I have a lot of respect for the Club of Rome, but I must say I am dismayed at this inadequate statement about population: “Ensure that population growth is kept under control.” If the Club of Rome can’t bring itself to be completely honest about the fact that we are ALREADY overpopulated and we must begin scaling back population as soon as possible, by humane and voluntary means, then who can? (Actually, there are a few who can – World Population Balance, GrowthBusters, Population Matters come to mind.