CNN Call to Earth Day on November 3, 2022 – and help protect our oceans

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Date of Publication: October 30

Year of Publication: 2022

Publisher: CNN

Humans are causing alarming changes to the planet. Collectively, we are destroying ecosystems, polluting the ocean and altering our climate. Change needs to happen at every level of society, but as individuals, we can play a role in making things better.

On November 3, 2022, CNN is holding the second annual Call to Earth Day. Celebrating a planet worth protecting, they’ll partner with schools, individuals, and organizations across the world to raise awareness of environmental issues and engage with conservation education.

Join CNN on November 3 for a special day of coverage on TV, digital, and our social media channels.

What is Call to Earth?

Call to Earth is a CNN initiative dedicated to conservation, environmentalism, and sustainability. Across TV, our website and social media, we tell stories about our incredible planet and the remarkable people who are protecting it.

Find out more about how to run a Call to Earth Day event here.

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