Coercion and population policies, Part 3 – More babies for the nation

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Media Type: Article - Recent

Publication Info: The Overpopulation Project

Date of Publication: June 1

Year of Publication: 2021

Publication City: Gothenburg, Sweden

Publisher: Gothenburg University, Sweden

Author(s): Alistair Currie


PM’s Alistair Currie looks at a disturbing rise in restrictions on women’s rights due to coercive population growth policies that put pressure on women to have larger families.

Last year, the policy of the Chinese government to force women in its Muslim Uyghur minority to be sterilized, have abortions, or get fitted with intrauterine devices, was a chilling reminder of how the threat of coercive and eugenics-inspired population control policies has not gone away.

However, there is another, and more widespread and insidious threat to women’s rights emerging today: the overlap between a deeply conservative ‘family values’ agenda, and government policies intended to increase national populations.

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