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Common Home Conversations (CHC) discuss with key global personalities how the proposal of recognizing the existence of an Intangible Global Common without borders – the  Earth  System  –  can  change  our  relation  with  our  planet.  The  cascade  effects  of  this  proposal could be systemic and surely will produce huge impacts in international relations, economics  and  opening  the  doors  for  the  possibility  of  restoring  the  well-functioning  Earth  System/Stable Climate.

Each  guest present  their  personal  view,  taking  into  account  their  own  expertise  and  life  experience, how this conceptual innovation can offer solutions to do things better!

Check out episodes with:

  • Will Steffen, Earth System Scientist and Co-Chair of the Scientific Committee of the Common Home of Humanity.
  • Maria Fernanda Espinosa Garcés, President of the 73rd session, UN General Assembly and Ambassador of Common Home of Humanity.
  • Izabella Teixeira, co-chair of UNEP International Resource Panel and Ambassador of Common Home of Humanity.
  • Paulo Magalhães, Founder and President of Common Home of Humanity.
  • Karl Burkart, Co-founder and Managing Director of One Earth.
  • Janene Yazzie, Co-Convenor of the UN Indigenous Peoples Major Group for Sustainable Development.
  • And more!
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