Complete power cycle exhaust heat regeneration and second law logic

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Media Type: Article - Foundational

Date of Publication: June 27

Year of Publication: 2020

Publication City: Congers, NY

Publisher: Physics Essays Publication

Author(s): David Van Den Einde

Journal: Physics Essays

Volume: 33:2

Pages: 159-162 (4)


It is demonstrated, given a sufficiently large positive excess enthalpy of solution reaction between a molecular solid solute and a low boiling point solvent, that the differential in excess enthalpies of solution between the reaction in the solvent’s dense liquid and expanded supercritical states will enable the solution, when used as the working fluid in a closed condensing power cycle, to attain complete exhaust heat regeneration. Xenon is used as the solvent to demonstrate the potential. Errors in 18th century logic that helped establish the second law are explained.

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