A Declining Population Need Not Cause Angst

| June 11, 2019 | Leave a Comment


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Year of Publication: 2019

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Newspaper: Real Clear Politics

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Total births in the United States fell last year to about 3.79 million, the smallest number in 32 years. The fertility rate hit a record low of 59 childbirths per 1,000 women. Americans are not having enough children to replace themselves.

This supposedly is bad news. Headlines are crying about a “Shortage of Americans” and “Demographic Decline.”

I don’t know. There seem to be plenty of Americans to go around. If population growth were the mark of national greatness, Oman, Equatorial Guinea and Angola would be the stars.

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  • Harry Cowan

    It is what I have been saying for 35 years, ever since I have heard of Paul Erlich. However, this simplistic, everything will be ok, story is not nearly enough to convince people to slow and reverse population growth. We need a well thought out plan as well as a presentation to convince people that life would be better.
    For example ask people if they enjoy rush hour, a day at the beach, a campsite at a national park, tickets to an event, Disneyland, a cottage on a lake they can afford, etc. All of these things are just too many people going after the same resources. Infrastructure projects are building new things and letting the existing stuff rot. Show us the benefits of reducing the population, before mother nature does it for us.

  • Greeley Miklashek

    Population density stress is killing us now through all of our “diseases of civilization”, none of which are found in sparsely populated traditional living hunter-gatherers. Mother Nature has been controlling mammalian populations when overpopulated for millennia. Infertility in America has increased 100% over 34 years and sperm counts have fallen 59% over the past 38 years in the West. Mother Nature knows She has an ecological imbalance due to human overpopulation and She is correcting. In the America of Native American before the arrival of Columbus, there were about 2M residents, so now we are relatively 165 times more, and our ancestors were fleeing the problems of an overpopulated Europe and Africa. We can either follow a rational degrowth, depopulation agenda to restore ecological balance, or Mother Nature will do the job for us. It’s our choice, which only a few brave souls are currently willing to face. Stress R Us

  • Arnold Byron

    I agree. A declining population is not a cause for angst. It is a cause for celebration. Each person in the world is responsible for emitting carbon into the atmosphere. This carbon mostly comes from the excessive amount of carbon dioxide that ;made up our atmosphere at a time when plants and animals, as we know them, had not yet been created. Perhaps we can say that because humans create carbon pollution, then fewer humans will create less carbon pollution. What will happen when we have used up all of the fossil fuel and have not made preparations. There need not be angst because having fewer people will make a happier, healthier, more productive life; if it is done correctly.

    Keep in mind that the population must be reduced in a nonviolent, non-eugenic, fair, safe and humane manner; and that the population must be reduced in a planned manner using population control schemes using very strong contraceptives such as vasectomies and IUDs so that there is no more population than is planned for. Use contraceptives to reduce the population and let the living enjoy full and long lives.

    Because the population problem is global the nations will have to get together and form a global office to regulate population control and other issues such as global warming. Creating a global office is a political thing that can be made to happen if the people are willing to work at making it happen.

    • Mike Hanauer

      I think calling overpop a global problem is a cop-out, and waiting for a global office will be an eternal wait, and perhaps fraught with dangers.
      I believe the only way is “Think globally, act locally, set the example”.