Deep Restoration: from The Great Implosion to The Great Awakening

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Media Type: Article - Recent

Date of Publication: April 1

Year of Publication: 2020

Publication City: London

Publisher: Taylor and Francis Online

Author(s): Barry Gills

Journal: Globalizations,

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We are living in a time of exception. A time when the existing order is open to question. In this short essay for Globalizations I wish to make some initial reflections in response to the present ‘triple conjuncture’ of global crises. This triple conjuncture is an interaction among three spheres or vectors of global crises, together constituting a crisis of capitalist world order. The three spheres of the global crisis are: climate change and ecological breakdown; a systemic crisis of global capitalism and neoliberal economic globalization; and the current global pandemic of covid-19. The three spheres are deeply interrelated and now rapidly interacting. Their combined effects will bring radical systemic transformation.

What do these crises represent? How do we understand the meaning and causes of this comprehensive global crisis? Long established patterns have produced all three vectors. None of them are simply short-term phenomena.

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