Emergency Climate Mobilization. Is it even possible? If so how?

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Dawn | Pixaby 

Dawn | Pixaby 

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A conversation cum debate between Rupert Read and Tom Athanasiou

201 Moses Hall, UC Berkeley Campus, 4 – 5:30 PM, April 4th 

Last October’s IPCC “Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5C” was a game changer.

Around the world, the tone of the discussion has changed. But one thing is clear. An average global surface warming of 2C, which was previously seen as being tolerably safe, would in fact be extremely dangerous, and lead to terrible levels of suffering and destruction. Nevertheless, it would be manageable, though just barely, while a warming of more than 2C might trigger “tipping cascades” that would not be, even assuming unprecedented levels of political and economic cooperation.

So, the question arises: Can we even hold the 2C line, let alone the 1.5C line?  And what must be done if we are to do so?  And what about 1.5C?  What would it really demand?

  • Rupert Read is a British Green politician and philosopher who has emerged as a spokesman for deep adaptation and, more recently, the Extinction Rebellion.
  • Tom Athanasiou is left climate hawk who has long been active in the equity debate within the global negotiations.  He speaks for redistribution as an enabler of rapid decarbonization.
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