Environmental Leadership with Patricia Zurita

| April 27, 2021 | Leave a Comment

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Author(s): Max Winpenny

The first episode of the Our New World podcast is here! I’m feeling the nerves around releasing the first episode, but ultimately I’m very excited to get these conversations out there. Thank you for tuning in. Your input is key for this project, so please get in touch at max@mahbonline.org with your ideas and feedback!

What role do women have to play in environmentalism? What makes a good leader? Why is collaboration so important for our planet? These are some of the topics I talk about with Patricia Zurita, CEO of Birdlife International; the world’s largest nature conservation partnership, in our first episode of Our New World. Patricia was the first woman from a developing country to head an international conservation organization, she embodies the core values of curiosity, action and collaboration. Tune in for advice, opinions, and an inspiring leader telling us about her journey.

What a way to kick-start our first series on Women in the World. Let’s get into it!

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