Extinction Rebellion Podcast Episode 13 –The Future is Local, with Helena Norberg-Hodge and Jyoti Fernandes

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Media Type: Audio

Date of Publication: July 10

Year of Publication: 2020

Publisher: Extinction Rebellion

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In this week’s episode Jessica interviews two inspirational women: Helen Norberg-Hodge, the founder of Local Futures; and Jyoti Fernandes, from the Land Workers Alliance and La Via Campesina. We talk about why our futures need to be local rather than global and why that truth is more evident now than ever.

In particular we focus on food production and why small-scale, agro-ecological farming will help heal the planet and the biosphere, provide satisfying jobs, and make the country more resilient in times of crisis.

Jessica’s co-presenter this week is Mothiur Rahman, who is part of XR’s Political and Visioning Circle as well as XR Muslims.

Listen to the podcast here:

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