“Falling birth rates are a good thing, the world is too crowded”

| April 18, 2019 | Leave a Comment

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Author(s): Bill Maher

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  • Greeley Miklashek

    I doubt that Bill knows it but he’s reading Mother Nature’s mind. Crowded animal research over the past 70 years has demonstrated two main causes of reproductive failure: a neuro-endocrine reaction to crowding: an over-active stress response, and deterioration of the family structure resulting in mothers being unable to raise their children. In America, infertility has increased 100% in the past 34 years and sperm counts have fallen 59% in the West over the past 38 years. Mother Nature is shutting down our reproductive capacity and the reader can decide for him/her-self about the status of our family structures. Currently, population density stress is killing us now through all of our myriad “diseases of civilization”, in spite of our $3.8T medical care system (projected to be $5.9T by 2030!). Mother Nature has multiple mechanisms to cull us when we overgrow our natural environment’s capacity to support us: “overshoot”. One way or another, if we don’t reduce our reproductive output, Mother Nature will do it. Stress R Us