The Fox News Effect Webinar with Paul Ehrlich

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Media Type: Video

Date of Publication: September 20, 2018

Year of Publication: 2018

Publication City: Palo Alto

Publisher: MAHB

Author(s): Paul Ehrlich

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Thank you to everyone who joined the MAHB is discussing the Fox News Effect with Paul Ehrlich.

You may find the full recording of The Fox News Effect webinar here!


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  • Ian G

    Fine work yet again Dr. E.
    Interviewed you in 1984. An honor and a pleasure.

    Not hopeful.
    We’re doing multilevel selection in-and-across Geo Eco Bio Cultural & Tech networks with world culture’s dominant app: humans deploying monetary code.
    App lacks information processing Reach Speed Accuracy Power & often throttles Creativity, the very fundamental information process attributes necessary to continue passing multilevel selection tests.
    We’re like an immune system being overrun with pathogens.
    Think the fundamental pathogen is exponentially accelerating complexity—add ~6 billion people since 1900, give them exponentially more powerful tech. We can’t handle / process the myriad novel relationships this complexity generates.

    A significant addition: Selected, fundamental relationship code: Fitness > Truth.
    Quote Set from Donald Hoffman re F>T:
    “Fitness and truth are utterly different things.”
    “Evolution is quite clear, it’s fitness and not truth that gives you the points you need to win in the evolutionary game.”
    “Organisms that see the truth go extinct when they compete against organisms that don’t see any of the truth at all, literally none of the truth at all, and are just tuned to the fitness function.”
    “Perception is not about seeing truth; it’s about having kids.”

    Sub-codes of F>T: Me>U; Us>Them; Short term > Long Term

    Think we’re a species coded to interface with local environs in a relatively short term manner, not global environs with unprecedented relationships and exponential dynamics.

  • Malthus Anderson

    Good stuff Paul. Academia does talk to itself a lot; in the University of Life that i live in, there are several leaders who KNOW they can feed 9.5 billion people (the probable max we will get to). Look up John D Lee; Geoff Lawton, Colin Seis, & Bruce Maynard from Australia; Joe Salatin, Alan Savory, etc, from the US; regenerative and peasant farmers around the world. THEY know they can do it. Just finish off industrial agriculture and most of the farming stuff taught by Universities who preach an often flawed knowledge.
    (Although I live in OZ thank you Paul for the NZ – where I was proud to be born – plug at the finish, but it is not the “clean green, pure New Zealand” place you all are conned into believing it to be).

  • Malthus Anderson

    Will the cougher kindly leave the room.

    • Hi Malthus, we apologize for the disruption during the recording. We are working to improve our Webinar production process and hope the additional noise did not distract you too much from the conversation.