Free Webinar: The end of normal: Understanding—and correcting—Earth’s troubling climate trajectory, Aug. 23, 2023, 9 AM, PDT

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Project Drawdown senior climate scientist Kate Marvel explores the science behind current climate changes and future projections.  Free and open to the public:  

The planet is now more than 1.1°C warmer than before the Industrial Revolution—and it shows. This summer, we’ve experienced punishing heat waves, devastating floods, and toxic levels of wildfire smoke filling our skies. As temperatures climb, the risk of extreme weather rises, too. And we’re facing an even hotter, more dangerous future. Humans are conducting an unprecedented experiment on the entire planet, and no one is sure exactly how bad it will turn out.

But there is hope. Most of the solutions we need to stop climate change and avoid the worst-case scenarios are already here. Join Dr. Kate Marvel, a senior climate scientist at Project Drawdown, as she draws on her own experiences as a scientist and vocal advocate for climate solutions to explore the science behind current climate changes and future projections. We’ll discuss the science of attributing extreme weather events to our warming climate, the different ways humans affect climate, and the things science doesn’t yet understand.

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This webinar is part of Project Drawdown’s new monthly Drawdown Ignite webinar series. Drawdown Ignite provides information and inspiration to guide your climate solutions journey. Updates on future webinars can be found by visiting

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