From Our Members: A Necessary Element in the Solution of Our Existential Problems.

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Date of Publication: March 2020

Author(s): Howard Goldson

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I would like to share an ancient wisdom story still told by the indigenous peoples of North America as it has been for over a thousand years.

It so happened that on a particular day, a day like most other days, the hunters returned to the village without a single deer for food. Not only were they unable to kill a deer, in fact they had not seen a single deer during the entire day. This was highly unusual because deer were ordinarily plentiful. The same thing occurred the following day and throughout the week and many weeks thereafter. The deer had disappeared.

The village survived, but there was hunger, shortage of pelts meant that clothing could not be refurbished or replaced and the absence of other deer by-products created a major crisis in the life of the tribe. The village had transformed from happiness to misery. There was no solution at hand…..


I share this thousand year old story because I think the wisdom contained within it relates to the many global existential issues that threaten humanity as we now live it. Climate Change, Species extinction, Ocean modification, Atmospheric alteration, among others. The many solutions articulated by our politicians and our news media such as the “Green Economy” or “Sustainable Growth” or “The Green New Deal” intentionally ignore this wisdom and advocate technological fixes that foster unsustainable practices.

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