Global modeling of nature’s contributions to people

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Media Type: Article - Foundational

Date of Publication: October 11

Year of Publication: 2019

Publication City: Washington, DC

Publisher: American Association for the Advancement of Science

Author(s): Rebecca Chaplin-Kramer, Richard P. Sharp, Charlotte Weil, Elena M. Bennet, Unai Pascual

Journal: Science

Volume: 366, Issue 6462

Pages: 255-258

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The future of nature’s contributions

The magnitude and pace of global change demand rapid assessment of nature and its contributions to people. We present a fine-scale global modeling of current status and future scenarios for several contributions: water quality regulation, coastal risk reduction, and crop pollination. We find that where people’s needs for nature are now greatest, nature’s ability to meet those needs is declining. Up to 5 billion people face higher water pollution and insufficient pollination for nutrition under future scenarios of land use and climate change, particularly in Africa and South Asia. Hundreds of millions of people face heightened coastal risk across Africa, Eurasia, and the Americas. Continued loss of nature poses severe threats, yet these can be reduced 3- to 10-fold under a sustainable development scenario.

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