Global Warming: Why The Problem Is Worse Than You Thought… And the Solution Could Be Simpler

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Date of Publication: June 12

Year of Publication: 2022

Publication City: Salida, CO

Publisher: Vimeo

Author(s): John Harte

The presentation, “Global Warming: Why The Problem Is Worse Than You Thought… And the Solution Could Be  Simpler“, by John Harte, PhD., was given to the Central Chapter of the American Humanist Association on June 12, 2022, in Salida, CO.

Note: There is a small gap at 18:57 due to a technical glitch. At that point, John was noting that the most advanced climate models only include the last feedback on his list, ie, polar ice melting. He made a point to the audience that did not get recorded:

To the extent that the Vostok Ice Core data [see the previous slide of the graph] show that a rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide can trigger as much as a 10 degree C [ie, 20+ degree F] rise in atmospheric temperature, these models are likely SIGNIFICANTLY underestimating the rise in atmospheric temperature that will likely occur from our current levels of climate-changing pollution.” 

Watch the video here:


Global Warming John Harte, PhD from Central Colorado Humanists on Vimeo.

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