The Greatest Challenges of Our Time

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Media Type: Book - Foundational

Year of Publication: 2010

Publication City: Stockholm, Sweden

Publisher: Ekerlids

Author(s): László Szombatfalvy, Robert Skole (translator)


László Szombatfalvy sets out to identify and analyze the greatest challenges facing mankind:

“The deeper my insights have become on the subject, the more concerned I’ve become. The world community faces great challenges, far greater than ever before. … The most important factors behind the risks are not on the political agenda nor are they taken up in public discussions.”

“…I hope that my risk-oriented approach and my way of structuring general knowledge will increase understanding of the immediate need for radical, very long-range measures in order that the risks of truly large catastrophes will not continue to increase in a completely indefensible way.”

Read the full book.

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