Green Entrepreneurship with Paola and Madeleine

| June 7, 2021 | Leave a Comment

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Author(s): Max Winpenny

Want to make money while saving the planet? No, this isn’t a get rich quick scheme; This is the idea that business and environmentalism do not have to be in opposition. We are often told about the failures of businesses and the dreaded ‘externalities’ (a cost or benefit that isn’t financially accounted for in a business e.g. pollution). That doesn’t have to be the case; we can still be ambitious in business and connect with the planet.

In this episode, entrepreneurs and lifelong friends, Paola (25) and Madeleine (26), discuss environmental entrepreneurship, the demands of creating their startup, TOMOJO, and leadership. They show us that you can fulfill serious business ambitions while making a difference for our planet. They are 21st century, France-based powerhouses who know the dedication required to start a business, but understand the importance of balance and perspective in life. It’s a refreshing take on entrepreneurship that the world desperately needs.

‘TOMOJO’, their startup, makes insect-based pet food products, and is looking to expand. Created in 2017, it’s mission is to promote natural, healthy and traceable food for pets while preserving the planet. TOMOJO sells dog and cat food elaborated with insects bred in the Netherlands. It is the story of two friends who after having completed a master’s degree in environmental sciences at Imperial College London, embarked on a sustainable entrepreneurship pet food journey.

And here they are to tell us all about it.

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