What does a green and peaceful future look like?

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The earth cupped by diverse hands

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Year of Publication: 2018

Author(s): Paula Tejón Carbajal

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Technology has changed our lives at a pace never experienced before. The global economic crisis, Trump, the refugee crisis, Brexit… these are just some of the symptoms of a broken system. Its demise has been accelerated, and in some cases triggered by the digital innovations of the past decade. There is a clear detachment between technology and our current societal needs.

We’re experiencing a deep systemic disconnection: an ecological, social and spiritual cultural divide. There’s a discernible disconnect between the infinite growth imperative and the finite resources of planet Earth; between private ownership and the best societal use of property; between gross domestic product (GDP) and well-being.

But the failure of our current socio-economic system has also brought a strong desire to change the world and co-create a better one. The Arab SpringLos Indignados and Occupy Wall Street have spread new value systems and sparked political and economic initiatives that questioned the prioritization of profit over people and the endless growth paradigm. These movements used technology to envision a new, more inclusive, equitable economic system that operates within the environmental limits of our planet.

Read more about Paula Tejón Carbajal’s perspective here. 

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  • Arnold Byron

    I agree with Dr. Greeley Miklashek, Paula Tejon Carbajal’s article does not give credence to the reality that the world is overpopulated and that the most positive action that humanity can take to deal with global warming is to reach negative population growth as quickly as possible. This will diminish the stress on our resources and give time for solutions to work. Dr. Miklashek and I both advocate for negative population growth. Dr. Miklashek prefers voluntary population reduction whereas I prefer that population controls be instigated and put into practice.

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Ms. Carbajal did not use the word ‘overpopulation’ anywhere in her article. Meet the Press, a popular TV news program had an hour long, in-depth program about the issues related to climate change and global warming. Not once once did the moderator nor any panelists say the word ‘overpopulation’. Why is it impossible for our writers and leaders to admit that humanity has finally grown to the point where Earth’s resources are not enough for sustainability. I challenge Ms. Carbajal to rite a comment that will explain why she will not speak out in favor of population reduction.

    I will acknowledge that many scientists have said that the expectation is that the population will naturally level off at about ten and a half billion people. Then the job will be to figure out how to feed ten and a half billion people every year, forever. And understand that this will have to be done with declining planetary resources. Please explain how this can be done without fail. I think there is a better chance of success if the population was first reduced to about two billion people.

    Global warming is a consequence of overpopulation and the two most immediate actions that humanity can take toward a solution are: reaching negative population growth and building an infrastructure of solar panels and windmills to end the use of fossil fuels. Let me remind us all that the United Nations IPCC has suggested that humanity has only twelve years, until 2030, to begin showing, in a more or less significant way, that it can actually reduce global warming.

    I you want to see my ideas on what needs to be done to solve the crises that humanity is facing please look a the the following link.

  • Greeley Miklashek

    Yet another naive pie-in-the-sky technophillic piece that nowhere mentions the fundamental problem driving “The global economic crisis, Trump, the refugee crisis, Brexit…” which is human overpopulation and the sister sin of overconsumption. Stress R Us