Healthy Minds, Healthy Planet

| May 25, 2018 | Leave a Comment

Media Type: Lecture

Date of Publication: May 2018

Year of Publication: 2018

Publication City: Stanford, CA

Author(s): Eric Wilburn

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During the 2018 Stanford Hard Earth Lecture Series, Eric Wilburn discussed personal resilience, the role of mindfulness, and how it all relates to society’s ability to respond to the changing climate.

ABSTRACT: We are all blindsided at one point or another in our personal lives by something completely out of our control which strikes us at our core. Burgeoning research has shown that the core values of compassion, humility, gratitude combined with a practice of mindfulness are key to empowering an individual to have the capacity to weather personal storms. This talk will explore how these pillars of individual resilience may be just as vital to empowering society to be not only resilient, but move into a space of prosilience, or antifragility, in the face of a changing climate. Instead of living in fear, we have the power to be hopeful. To be inspired to collectively innovate, create and adapt for a just and sustainable future for humanity and the biosphere in the face of a changing climate.

Watch the full lecture below:



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