How to heal in the Anthropocene

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Media Type: Article - Recent

Date of Publication: April 22

Year of Publication: 2021

Publication City: London, UK

Publisher: BBC Future

Author(s): Rachel Clissold, Ross Westoby, Karen E McNamara

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In a time of deep planetary change, how do we begin to recover from the trauma of climate change?

In bare skin, tingling in the 8C (46F) water, Craig Foster swims into the waters off the Western Cape of South Africa and immerses himself in the Atlantic Ocean. In many ways, he is a broken man. Depleted and disconnected, he slowly dives into the all-powerful and unfriendly waters, and finds shelter in the tranquil kelp forest below – an area which he has not connected with since his childhood. As he glides through the undisturbed kelp landscape, he is overwhelmed with his smallness in this almost alien landscape. He is alone, but not for long.

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