The Great Simplification #23 – Tim Watkins: “From Living Like Gods to Living Your Own Story”

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The Great Simplification

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Date of Publication: June 22

Year of Publication: 2022

Publisher: The Great Simplification

Author(s): Nate Hagens

In this episode, we meet with the author, social scientist, policy researcher, and mental health advocate Tim Watkins.

Watkins gives us a bird’s eye view of how energy, the economy, the environment, and mental health fit together. How important will mental health be to help us navigate uncertain times?

About Tim Watkins

Tim Watkins is the author of “The Consciousness of Sheep”, a social scientist, policy researcher, and mental health advocate.

Watkins has authored a range of mental health and wellbeing self-help books and booklets, together with two books about charities and a guide to the digital self-publishing revolution. In 2015 he published “Austerity – will kill the economy”, a critique of the economic policies adopted in the UK since 2010; and “Britain’s Coming Energy Crisis – Peak Oil and the End of the World as we Know it”, a guide to the UK’s particular vulnerabilities in a world without cheap oil.

Tim Watkins is the founder-director of Waye Forward Ltd. A qualified Life Coach, he also provides coaching, mentoring, and support to other writers.

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