Human Overpopulation Atlas

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Author(s): João L.R. Abegão

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João L.R. Abegão completed his Masters in Ecology and Environment where he specialized in Human Overpopulation Dynamics and published the Human Overpopulation Atlas. You may access João’s resources here.


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  • Jim Boyer

    His presentation on the YouTube, he talks WAY too fast and the PP is blurry. But important stuff. You can download the PP for reference.

  • Greeley Miklashek

    Laudable effort headed in the direction of the truth of the human condition and the existential threat to all life on earth that human overpopulation poses. However, the most profound “exigency” for human population REDUCTION (not “stabilization!) is that population density stress is killing us now, through all of “diseases of civilization”, none of which are to be found in contemporary traditional living hunter-gatherers. Mother Nature (forgive the teleology) is working ever harder to cull our massively overpopulated numbers through these diseases and, now, increasing infertility (100% in the past 34 years in the US) and falling sperm counts (59% in 38 years). Hundreds of animal crowding experiments have been conducted over the past 70 years and they all turn out the same way: after going through a growth phase identical to the sinusoidal curve shown in the video, those populations plateau and then BECOME EXTINCT. Charles Southwick at Wisconsin attributed the extinction to the failure of family structures, and Jack Christian at the Penrose Lab. in Phia. thought stress hormone rises the cause. I believe that both were operative AND THAT BOTH FAMILY DISSOLUTION AND ELEVATED STRESS HORMONE LEVELS are causing our population growth slow downs. However, only voluntary one-child families can bring our worldwide human populations back down to ecologically sustainable 1950 levels of 2.5B by 2,100. My curve fitting trials suggest that at current rates of increase we reach the extinction level or “omega” point (where no further live births occur or offspring survive to reproductive age) by somewhere between 2,100 and 2,300. It is always a point of no return in the animal models. Mother Nature has had quite enough of our thoughtless greed and environmental destruction and will rid Herself of us, if we do not wake the hell up and turn this Titanic human population around soon. Waiting for the self-serving financial and governmental institutions addicted to “limitless growth” to save us and the planet is a total waste of time and useless fantasy. Better to spend the time playing video games and watching TV commercials (now 40% of your viewing time!). Thanks to MAHB for promoting this erstwhile young man, but, now, you’ve heard the rest of the story. Read “Stress R Us” in the “library” for details. Stress R Us