Improve contraception access to tackle wildlife crisis, urges campaign

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Date of Publication: July 11, 2019

Author(s): Damina Carrington

Newspaper: The Guardian

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Groups say expanding access to contraception can improve lives and help save wildlife.

A UN-backed campaign has been launched to help tackle the destruction of wildlife by boosting people’s access to contraception.

Growing human populations often underlie the destruction of nature, and barriers to family planning are the “most important ignored environmental challenge”, say the campaigners.

The Thriving Together campaign, launched on World Population Day, unites more than 150 reproductive health and conservation organisations, which spend a combined £8bn a year in 170 countries. The groups say they intend to work together to both improve the lives of people and arrest the huge losses of biodiversity by reducing population growth.

There is very often an overlap of areas facing the greatest need for improved reproductive health services and for conservation,” says a declaration signed by the groups, which include the UN Population Fund, the Jane Goodall Institute and Marie Stopes International. “We believe that by working together we can help human communities and their ecosystems thrive.”

The Goodall institute has provided family planning services as part of its work since 1994, and its founder said bare hills had been returned to forests as women chose to have smaller families. “With more and more people being born and wanting a better standard of living, it is clear that ‘business as usual’ will destroy the natural resources of our planet,” Goodall said. “We only have a small window of time to change things and it is closing fast.”

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  • Greeley Miklashek

    Tragically, Our Mad King Donald has just launched an idiotic campaign that is doubtless driven by his “Evangelical” “base” to PROHIBIT CONTRACEPTION. The US needs a Federal Government SUPPORTING CONTRACEPTION, not limiting it. Capitalism must find ways to adjust to a declining population, if we are to save the planet and ourselves, including our children. Read P.D. James’ “The Children of Men” if you want a prescient view of the consequences of not reducing our population pressure on the planet, as ALL crowded animal populations eventually suffer the exact same fate: total extinction. Stress R Us

  • Richard Garner

    This is true as far as it goes, but it is sadly incomplete. More is needed to save the rest of the biosphere from the activities of humankind than just a continuing emphasis on contraceptive access and efforts to create a carbon free economy. Emphasizing contraceptive access, women’s rights and education and sustainable, low resource intensive development in the world as a whole, especially the less developed world has admittedly accomplished a great deal, but it is not enough, especially here in the United States. We have many threats to wildlife despite a relatively high rate of contraceptive availability. We have below replacement level fertility here in the US and we still have a high level of population growth in part because of our very high level of immigration. We also have a steady expansion of urban areas threatening habitat for wildlife. We also have a continuing commitment to economic growth on the part of both parties. The alleged leaders of one major party, the so called Democratic Party think they have done their job defending the environment when they say what they are going to try to do about climate change, but they have not. They haven’t said one word about endangered species or President Trump’s general attacks on the EPA or efforts by the federal government to protect the environment including regulating polllution. The other major party for the most part is actively hostile to efforts to protect the environment. We need to have the general issues of population growth and size at the very center of American politics. Nothing less will do if anyone cares about the survival of the Northern Gray Wolf, the Grizzly bear, the Sage Grouse, and all the other invisible endangered species that exist within that part of the biosphere that exits within the borders of the United States of America. And we need to figure out how to have a society that does not depend on economic growth. Read my blog at