John Holdren, former Science Advisor to President Obama shares: Insights from Climate Science on Why Wafflers Are Wrong

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Author(s): John Holdren

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This lecture discusses

  • Fundamentals of global climate change (CC)
  • Categorizing contrarian confusion-mongering
    • Denial
    • Waffling
    • Surrender
  • Rebutting denial: How we know CC is real
  • Rebutting waffling: How we know CC is urgent
  • Rejecting surrender: How we know addressing CC is worth the effort

 You may find the slides for this lecture by clicking on ‘download’ under the image above. Please contact with any questions. 

John P. Holdren
Teresa & John Heinz Professor of Environmental Policy
Kennedy School of Government and Professor of Environmental Science and Policy
Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences

President Emeritus and Senior Advisor to the President
Lecture for the HKS Executive Program on
Climate Change and Energy
Harvard University / 2 October 2018

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  • Clive Lord

    I have just read this comprehensive account of the danger to the ecosphere. I did not need chapter and verse. Ever since 1972 I have been suggesting a way to avert catastrophe.
    The basic problem is that humans, like amphibilans and birst before them, are coming to the end of an epoch of expansion made possible by genetic mutations, so that they could temporarily expand.
    But the exponential principle acts quite suddenly. What was very successful starts to destroy everything. Some amphibians , and later birds, emerged, but they did not have the capacity to exterminate anything other than themselves.
    Population increase was the first symptom, but latterly capitalism locked the modern world into growth. The capitalists are to blame, but they are only following a logic. Neither XR nor Greta Thunberg will stop them in time.
    I propose a universal basic income. It is a dangerous idea, which would hasten the coming ecological collapse if associagted with its main current proponents, Silicon Valley.
    However, it is necessary to give everyone security, to allow downsizing the economy. It must be tied to ecological taxes, and to a new cultural pattern which accepts ecological limits.
    Please read my weblog