Just out: Climate Emergency Report 2022 and the film “The Scientist’s Warning”

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Date of Publication: October 28

Year of Publication: 2022

Publisher: Scientistswarning

Author(s): William J. Ripple

Download the Climate Emergency Report from the link above and watch the film here:


Message from William J. Ripple:

Our new report World Scientists Warning of a Climate Emergency 2022 was just released (see press release and article in Forbes). In this short report, we provide updates on 35 planetary vital signs and make policy recommendations for transformative change. This year’s report focuses on the devastating impacts of climate-related disasters that we are now seeing, including extreme flooding, heat waves, and wildfires. We are hoping this new report will reach millions of people, including world leaders. So, please feel free to distribute the report and materials from our social media toolkit.

In addition, the film “The Scientist’s Warning” has now been released and is free to view online at https://scientistswarningfilm.org. The Scientist’s Warning is a 35 minute documentary about a researcher who started a movement to encourage scientists to help turn scientific knowledge into action. It’s the story of scientists all over the world awakening to the need to become advocates for the fate of the planet and the humans who depend on it. It features nearly 100 AWS members reciting a pledge to speak out about threats to life on planet Earth. Please feel free to share the film on social media by making a post or re-tweeting this tweet. Note that various resources for scientists and citizens are also available on our AWS website to help develop a movement on science-based advocacy regarding climate/ environment and threats to life on planet Earth.

I thank the AWS members and other people whose generous crowdfunding support made this film possible. I also thank ProZ.com and the 19 people listed below who are currently providing translations of the film into 14 languages, with more translations coming soon.

Thank you for your support.


William J. Ripple, Distinguished Professor, Oregon State University scientistswarning@oregonstate.edu

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