Landscape Game

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Media Type: Video

Year of Publication: 2014

Publication City: Indonesia

Publisher: Center for International Forestry Research


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How would you invest in a forest? Would you cut it down for timber, or preserve it for carbon credits? Would you clear it for oil palm, or build a tourist eco-lodge? Can you get rich—and be eco-friendly at the same time? These decisions are yours to make in “Landscape Game.” Race your opponents to build your wealth, but don’t ignore the impacts of your actions if you want to win. Landscape Game was invented by Herry Purnomo, a scientist at the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) and a professor at Bogor Agricultural University (IPB).

“The purpose of the game is a learning tool, to understand that in the landscape, there are many actors with legitimate interests,” Purnomo said. “It’s for academia, community members, policy makers—anyone who is interested in balancing conservation and development, including climate change.”

You can play the game online or download the new Android app.

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