Millions of women still don’t have access to contraceptives – report

| November 15, 2019 | Leave a Comment

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Publication Info: The Guardian

Date of Publication: November 12 2019

Author(s): Rebecca Ratcliffe

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The number of women accessing family planning services is increasing, but population growth is hampering efforts to reach 2020 goal.

More women and girls in low income countries are using family planning than ever before, but global efforts to widen access to contraception are still falling well behind targets, according to a report.

One year away from a global deadline to widen access to modern forms of family planning, such services are accessible to less than half of the women that policy makers hoped to reach.

The report by the Family Planning partnership was released ahead of a summit in Nairobi this week, where governments are expected to make further pledges on family planning, and other reproductive health spending.

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