Moving from Resistance to Repair

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Date of Publication: July 18, 2019

Author(s): Vicki Robin

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The climate movement has excelled at resistance but is missing a crucial, essential element: a focus on repair. It is clear about what it is against, but largely mum on a restoration project equal to the scale of climate change damage. Unlike the anti-war movement, it lacks moral and spiritual power. We are shown images of the beauty of the earth and the losses of the world we and our kin were born into, but mostly to awaken individuals to act. If you love this earth, the message suggests, you will change your habits and join the resistance.

With the climate movement solely a resistance and energy transition movement, we are missing the importance of spotlighting the self-nourishing, self-healing, self-restoring, self-generating ecosystems of the earth herself. We are fighting symptoms without an equally massive movement for restoring health where we can—an immense undertaking considering degraded and degrading landscapes. We may be choking the fossil fuel economy and heading into the lair of late-stage capitalism, but what are we building or growing or repairing at an equal level of scale for restoring the very living earth our lives depend on?

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