My So-Called Selfish Life

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Date of Publication: July 29

Year of Publication: 2022


Stream a new documentary from award-winning filmmaker Therese Shechter, about the choice not to become a mother.


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“My hope is that more conversations–with women and men–might be started by films such as My So-Called Selfish Life.“–Dua Lipa



Stream the film globally from July 29–August 3 and celebrate International Childfree Weekend with us!

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My So-Called Selfish Life is a paradigm-shifting documentary about one of our greatest social taboos: choosing not to become a mother.

Now that we’re living in post-Roe America the film couldn’t be more timely. Join us to celebrate and validate choosing the lives that are best for us, and see what full reproductive agency could look like–whether we want children or not.

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Watch recorded Filmmaker Conversations, with the director and the stars of the film!

  • OUR BODIES…OUR CHOICES? What Reproductive Justice means right now. Watch Recording
  • WHAT MAKES A FAMILY? A conversation on the many kinds of families we can choose and create. Watch Recording
  • MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS A Conversation between filmmaker Therese Shechter and her mother Myriam Shechter–our film’s breakout star. Moderated by the great Siobhan Dunne, the editor of the film Watch Recording

Screening FAQs

How do I watch the film?

Welcome to our virtual movie theater!

  1. Buy a ticket by clicking on the orange button above. Tickets are $10 per person.
  2. You will get an email with your personal ticket link.
  3. Click on that link to enter the screening room during our screening window of July 29-August 3

Can I watch it more than once?

Yes, you can watch it multiple times within the streaming window. It’s so packed full of stuff, you’ll want to watch it more than once)

Can I watch it with my group?

We’d love that! Tickets are $10 per person and we work on the honor system for groups. Please ask everyone to get their own ticket–or make an equivalent donation on behalf of your group. As a thank you, you can download our Group Discussion Guide here!

How can I show the film to my school, organization, conference, etc?

This event for home video screening. Please follow these links for the appropriate license for institutional sales and rentals:

  • For your class, organization, company, conference, or community group go here
  • To invite the filmmaker to speak at your event here

How do I gift tickets to friends and family?

  1. In your browser under ‘File’ click on ‘private window’ or ‘incognito window’
  2. Paste in the URL for this page:
  3. Click on ‘Buy Ticket’ and follow instructions
  4. In the ’email’ space on the form, put in your friend’s email instead of yours. They will get a direct email with their ticket link.
  5. To gift another ticket, please close your browser window and start from step 1. It’s a pain, but your friends will be really happy!

How long is streaming available?

The film will be available at any time for 4 days from July 29 – August 3rd (EDT). The start and stop times will vary based on your time zone. At the top of this page you will find the exact dates and times for your location.

Can I make a donation?

We’d really appreciate your support for our low-cost grassroots screenings. All funding goes directly to community events from India to Ireland to the USA. You can contribute when you buy your ticket, or at our website

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