How do we navigate the Global 21st Century?

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How do we navigate the Global 21st Century? The MAHB has created a series of DebateGraph maps to explore this question, paying particular attention to the challenges and risks that face our civilization and the planet. Using the DebateGraph platform allows us to explore the complex ways these challenges and risks relate to each other. A team of volunteers has begun the process of building up the structure of the maps and adding in content from the MAHB website. You can explore their progress through DebateGraph. Be sure to check out the different views through the tab on the top.


You are encouraged to add your thoughts to help us continue to build the maps! You can create a free DebateGraph account and learn more about commenting on the platform here, or you can let us know about resources you think should be added via twitter using the hashtag #MAHBdebate.

A special thanks to Paul Peacock for the time and thought he continues to contribute to the project. If you want to join the team of volunteers, please contact Brittany and join the MAHB DebateGraph Team node!

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