Launch: New Deep Transformation Network

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Date of Publication: February 7

Year of Publication: 2022

Publication City: Berkeley, CA

Author(s): Jeremy Lent

A global community to explore pathways to an ecological civilization.

A brand new network, Deep Transformation, is forming for people who are working on cultural transformation at its deepest level, investigating and creating the worldviews and cultural shifts we need in order for future generations to survive and thrive. We are indeed in a precarious time, and there are many tears in the social fabric – but those are the spaces into which we can weave new worlds.

Initiated by author Jeremy Lent, this network is already becoming a rich place for sharing resources and ideas, offering and attending events, and connecting with other defiant optimists who are building new paradigms within the old breaking systems.

There is also an Artists and Creatives group on the site created by Christina Conklin – a place for learning, sharing, storytelling, sensemaking, and potentially collaborating. Christina will also be hosting an Arts gathering on Tues, Feb 15 at 12 noon PT.

Watch Jeremy Lent’s introduction video here.


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