NWC Reset: Frameworks for a Nuclear-Weapons-Free World – Wednesday, July 12 – online

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NWC Reset: Frameworks for a Nuclear-Weapons-Free World

Wednesday, July 12, 2023 – Online

Ways to engage nuclear armed and allied states in comprehensive nuclear disarmament


Session 1: Asia/Pacific
July 12: 7 am CET / 11 am Dhaka / 12 noon Bangkok / 2 pm Tokyo / 3 pm Canberra / 5 pm Wellington
July 11: 7 pm Hawaii / 10 pm California.

Session 2: Americas/Europe/Africa/Middle East
July 12: 8 am California / 11 am East Coast USA / London 4 pm / Central Europe 5 pm / Amman 6 pmRegistration

UNFOLD ZERO joins Abolition 2000 in inviting you to this event to explore the legal, technical and institutional measures and frameworks to facilitate the global prohibition and elimination of nuclear weapons.

At the event we will introduce a draft working paper to the 2023 Non-Proliferation Treaty Meeting entitled NWC Reset: Frameworks for a Nuclear-Weapon-Free World.

The paper includes reflections on the political environment for comprehensive nuclear disarmament, an outline of three possible approaches for establishing the framework for a nuclear-weapon-free world, plus recommendations to the 2023 NPT Prep Com for the commencement of deliberations to achieve comprehensive nuclear disarmament within time-bound commitments.

Feedback from this event will help shape the final working paper to be submitted to the NPT Prep Com in August 2023.

Find out more here and/or download the Abolition 2000 NWC Reset paper from the link above.


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