Population growth and climate change: environmental threat multipliers – a new publication from TOP

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Date of Publication: September 15

Year of Publication: 2020

Publication City: Gothenburg, Sweden

Publisher: The Overpopulation Project – Research and Outreach

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The Overpopulation Project is pleased to announce its most recent publication, “Population growth and climate change: Addressing the overlooked threat multiplier” published in Science of the Total Environment.

Through a review of national and global studies, the paper describes the emission reduction and vulnerability reduction benefits of slowing population growth, and outlines policies that can help achieve low population pathways. We hope that this publication stimulates further discussion and inclusion of sustainable population policies in nations’ official climate responses.

Population growth and climate change are threat multipliers: they both threaten people’s health and well-being, now and in the future. Continued population increase creates new risks partly by increasing climate-altering emissions, leading to more severe climate impacts. Population growth also amplifies existing risks by increasing population pressure on climate-sensitive resources such as food and water. Despite these feedbacks, population policies are usually overlooked when examining policies to reduce risks from global warming.

Read the full summary  here.

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