Population Growth Means a City Is Thriving, or Does It?

| September 15, 2017 | Leave a Comment

Path Station Escalators at Rush Hour by Dan DeLuca | Flickr | CC BY 2.0

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Media Type: News / Op - Ed

Date of Publication: September, 2017

Year of Publication: 2017

Publication City: Washington, DC

Publisher: e.Republic

Author(s): JB Wogan

Newspaper: Governing

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Public officials and reporters alike adopt the myth that bigger is better. That’s not always the case.

As urban centers across the US are experiencing rapid shifts, J.B. Wogan takes a critical look at the tendency to interpret population trends as an indication of a city’s prosperity.

The ‘decline’ in newspaper headlines may refer to the population, but it’s often shorthand for a host of complex problems, an easy-to-understand indicator that things are getting worse.

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