Protect the market access of small and medium-scale farmers and peasants in these difficult times: European Coordination Via Campesina (ECVC)

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Media Type: Campaign

Date of Publication: March 30

Year of Publication: 2020

Publisher: La Via Campesina - International Peasants' Movement

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In the midst of the huge crisis that Europe and the entire world is experiencing because of COVID-19, the question of rethinking our economic model and the importance of food sovereignty is once again a key issue. Now more than ever, ECVC and the thousands of family farmers it represents throughout Europe want to underline that peasants, small and medium-scale farmers, and agricultural workers are here and ready. We will continue to fulfil our biggest commitment and responsibility to the European-wide society: to produce healthy and fresh food.

ECVC also wants to express its solidarity with all the farmers and other sectors of society (including all essential workers and all medical personnel) who continue to do their work on the front lines.

The current globalised system has caused great dependence and fragility. After years of austerity measures and cuts, we see more than ever the need for stronger public services, especially within health care and other vital areas, so that they can deal with the serious difficulties that are occurring. Similarly, we also see that it is essential to have a secure, safe and sufficient supply of healthy and local food for the entire population.

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