Shining Rewards: The Value of Rooftop Solar Power for Consumers and Society

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Solar panels by wallheater | Flickr | CC BY 2.0

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Media Type: Report / Policy Brief

Date of Publication: November 29, 2016

Year of Publication: 2016

Publication City: New York, NY

Publisher: Environment New York Research & Policy Center

Author(s): Gideon Weissman, Bret Fanshaw

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This report by Environment New York Research & Policy Center in collaboration with Frontier Group reviews 16 recent analyses to determine the benefits households and small businesses contribute to the electrical grid and society by ‘going solar’. These benefits are compared to the benefits they received thorugh net metering policies. Net metering policies allow solar panel owners to receive fair compensation for the electrical power they contribute to the grid, which can be sued by others. The compensation comes in the form of a credit on their energy bills and helps to make solar more affordable.

The report finds that net energy metering has been instrumental in the growth of solar energy, especially growth among households and small businesses. Aditionally, based on the analyses reviewed the report finds “that individuals and businesses that decide to ‘go solar’ generally deliver greater benefits to the grid and soceity than they receive through net metering” (Exec. Summary). Based on these findings the report calls for preservation and expansion of net metering policies.

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