Specialist Short Course: Protracted Crisis and the Triple Nexus, June 26–June 30 (in-person)

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Date of Publication: May

Year of Publication: 2023

Publication City: Brighton, UK

Publisher: Institute of Development Studies

Protracted Crisis and the Triple Nexus: Reflective Spaces for humanitarian, development and peacebuilding professionals

Key information

From 26 June 2023 until 30 June 2023

Institute of Development Studies, Library Road, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 9RE, UK

Our new, specialist short course offers a unique opportunity for policymakers and practitioners to come together with other professionals working in protracted crisis around the world, to develop the policies, approaches and skills for more effective aid.

Our extensive experience has shown that complex emergencies all too often cut across fields of specialisation in the humanitarian, development and peacebuilding fields. Recognising this triple nexus and building bridges between these areas of expertise is key to address crises more effectively.

The challenge

Many of the humanitarian emergencies around the world have turned into protracted crises and resulting forced migration has affected neighbouring regions, which are themselves confronted with severe developmental challenges. Long-term crisis is increasingly normal. The number of countries experiencing protracted crisis rose to 36 in 2021, accounting for three quarters (74%) of all people in need. 

Humanitarian, development and peacebuilding professionals are not always equipped to deal with these complex emergencies and urgently need new approaches and skills to deal with prolonged crises.

The different mindsets across these three fields can be a stumbling block. This is further confounded by the challenge of applying humanitarian principles in complicated emergencies as well as the securitisation of development more broadly. 

These predicaments are not helped by the frequent disconnect between headquarters pushing for synergies and those on the ground confronted with the many challenging realities of protracted crises. 

Overcoming the challenge

This course will provide a space for humanitarian, development and peacebuilding workers mainly operating within protracted crises, to reflect on their experiences, learn from each other, and connect with ongoing research initiatives. 

Donors and the UN have developed working groups, organised strategic retreats and specialised training but the institutional and sectoral boundaries within each organisation make it difficult for this discussion to happen. This course will allow participants to share and reflect without these constraints.

This course will enable the development of a common language in an unconstrained, neutral space. (Including a ‘walkshop’ in the picturesque Sussex countryside).

It will address what the triple nexus means in practice and how it could be implemented. Above all it will encourage the development of a new mindset, building from individual and collective experiences to see how a new – and more effective – approach is feasible.

Watch the introductory video below and watch course co-convenor, Professor Jeremy Allouche, give an introduction to this new in-person course here.

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