Survival Despite the People: Democratic Destruction or Sustainable Meritocracy

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Date of Publication: September 14, 2016

Year of Publication: 2016

Publisher: Self-published

Author(s): Didem Aydurmus

Without working life support systems life on Earth becomes impossible. This book recognises this simple condition as inescapable matter of politics and therefore political science. The continuation of life, survival, as a minimum objective for all governance, cannot be ignored.

However, contemporary political thought is dominated by democracy promotion and this potentially undermines chances for sustainability. Given the current catastrophic course in regard to climate change and environmental destruction, prior assumptions need to be put under scrutiny.

If democracy cannot protect nature, the definition of good governance necessarily needs to be revised. Political systems can be evaluated on their consequences and their ability to protect nature as the most fundamental common good. Here, this book clearly ventures beyond a simple dichotomisation of democracy and autocracy as good and evil. Ultimately, any form of government needs to cope with the reality of physical limits of (human) nature as they are not negotiable.

Access an electronic verison of Survival Despite the People, or order a paperback version here.

If you are interested in learning more about Didem Aydurmus’s work on the ability, or inability, for democracy to protect nature keep your eyes out for an upcoming post to the MAHB Blog contributed by Aydurmus!

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