Important Information: TEDxPorto Countdown–Porto, June 6 and 7, 2023–Now Free Online Event

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The organization of TEDxPorto informs that the first edition of TEDxPorto Countdown will be held online, instead of the previously announced physical event.

This was a decision made after much reflection and difficulty because we understand that face-to-face events – to which we are all so used to – have greater potential to create a richer experience for speakers and participants.

However, given the focus of TEDxPorto Countdown – the climate emergency – we believe that we cannot neglect the environmental impact of an in-person event. So we decided to adapt the means of this event to its response to climate change: either we transform our future or we will inevitably destabilize the planet. We also listened to our community: some speakers – who expressed discomfort in traveling by plane and whose talks would already be done in a virtual way – as well as several participants who, being far from Porto, had no way of being present at an event during the week.

We deeply believe in the motto of TED events, “ideas worth spreading”, and that ideas have the power to change attitudes and, consequently, the world. Because we are eternal optimists, we see an opportunity here: going online will allow us to bring the important message of climate emergency to (even) more people, as the event will be free to attend. The TED Countdown format, launched in 2019, marks the countdown to 2050, the deadline for achieving carbon neutrality, and also the countdown to 2030, the target for reducing CO2 emissions by 50%. Portugal has recently exhausted the natural resources available by 2023. Given the pace at which we consume, how we do it, and how we move around, we have been living in environmental credit since May 7th. There are not 2.9 planets left to sustain our way of life. It is necessary to act now. We’re counting on everyone on June 6 and 7, on our YouTube channel, by registering here.

All information about TEDxPorto Countdown will continue to be shared on our social networks: Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Stay tuned.

The TEDxPorto Countdown team.


More information on the Official Website:

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Follow up for details on the Programme that will be launched soon!

Register here for the TEDxPorto Countdown  – Free access UPON REGISTRATION


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