The Annihilation of Nature: Human Extinction of Birds and Mammals

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Media Type: Book - Recent

Date of Publication: September 2015

Publication City: Baltimore, Maryland

Publisher: The Johns Hopkins University Press

Author(s): Gerardo Ceballos, Anne H Ehrlich, Paul R Ehrlich

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“This book shows us the face of Earth’s sixth great mass extinction, revealing that this century is a time of darkness for the world’s birds and mammals. In The Annihilation of Nature, three of today’s most distinguished conservationists tell the stories of the birds and mammals we have lost and those that are now on the road to extinction. These tragic tales, coupled with eighty-three color photographs from the world’s leading nature photographers, display the beauty and biodiversity that humans are squandering.”

This is a gorgeously illustrated book on a riveting subject: the charismatic bird and mammal species that we have already lost or are at risk of losing, the reasons for their demise, and what we can do to minimize our future losses.

–Jared Diamond

Learn more here, and access an exclusive review by Dancing Star Foundation President Michael Charles Tobias.

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The Johns Hopkins University Press


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