The Corona Syndrome – Why Fear is more Dangerous than the Virus

| July 27, 2020 | Leave a Comment

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Media Type: News / Op - Ed

Date of Publication: April 12

Year of Publication: 2020

Publication City: Ixelles, Belgium

Publisher: Alliance ELIANT

Author(s): Thomas Hardtmuth, MD,

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There is a wave of anxiety going round the world. It is destructive and has a sickening effect on the one hand but it also provides a great learning opportunity and offers a chance for civilization to take a new step in its development. A systems-based scientific approach indicates that although pandemics require an understanding of viruses, even more important is a deeper understanding of the immune system. The one-dimensional focus on viruses, infection mechanisms and worst case scenarios, deflects attention away from the critical effects that psychological and social influences have on the human immune system.

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