The Coronavirus in Oregon

| March 19, 2020 | Leave a Comment

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Date of Publication: March 15, 2020

Author(s): John Kitzhaber

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This is a true emergency. It is imperative that we move beyond a public health response (as important as that is) to an Emergency Response.

In addition to the important efforts to contain the spread of the coronavirus, Oregonians need to feel certain that the state’s health care system is prepared to deal with the medical consequences of those who become infected—and especially of those who require hospitalization.

The coronavirus is now a full-blown pandemic. The steps being taken in an attempt to slow the spread of COVID 19 have disrupted the global economy with a direct impact on national, state and local economies. For example, the cancellation of large gatherings, conventions and sports events has had a disproportionate impact on lower-wage workers in the hospitality and service industry, over forty percent of whom have no paid sick leave; school closures create significant child care issues for working parents; the list goes on.

However, the real problem is not the coronavirus itself. The real problem is:

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