The Economics of Happiness

| May 10, 2019 | Leave a Comment

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  • Arnold Byron

    I listened to the abridged version of the documentary. I am in total agreement with what was presented. What was said could not have been said better. I am totally disappointed and frustrated about what was not said. What was not said is the core of every part of the discussion that was made. What is it that needs to be said? Let me say it.

    Humanity started with only a few humans and has grown in numbers until today humanity is so overpopulated that the available resources of the planet are not enough to sustain the population. Humanity is in overshoot and all of the talk about globalization or localization is not worth a cent if that message is not told from the perspective of reducing the population. Every thing that is being discussed from consumerism to lack of resources has come about because the population has increased. It can be argued that if we do not use the fossil fuel store of energy to grow and transport food there will not be enough food to feed the people where the people live. But even the supply of fossil fuel will run out. A growing population is at the root of all of the problems humanity is facing. I wish the people who write documentaries or papers will look at the core of the problem and write about that. Now the only road humanity can follow to a long term future of happiness is to reduce the population to where it will be sustainable.

    If humanity is going to continue then it must impose controls onto itself. Population controls and economic controls. The economic controls will come as a consequence of reducing the population. Always remember that all of the problems we face are a consequence of increasing the population. The population can and must be reduced in a nonviolent, non-eugenic, fair, safe and humane manner. This can be done by regulating the number of children to be born. This must be a global effort and can be accomplished by establishing a global office that will be given the responsibility to coordinate the effort. The reduction can be accomplished by using contraceptives. Population control will be different than birth control. Birth control can be done with pills and condoms, but population control must be done with vasectomies and IUDs. Population control has to be more certain.

    This is the information that must be gotten to the people so that it can be talked about so that it can be accepted. This message must be delivered to the people as good propaganda. The documentary writers and essay writers can do this.