The Great Simplification – Movie Premiere and Q&A event

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The Great Simplification

Event Information


YouTube Premiere movie – Thursday, May 19, 6 AM US central 

YouTube Premiere party/Q&A – Thursday, May 19, 6 PM US central 


The Great Simplication (TGS) team has been busy creating an animated video series as an overview that describes the Great Simplification for podcast listeners.

​On the morning of Thursday, May 19th TGS is launching a full short film as a Youtube Premiere that includes all 4 chapters of the series. The movie combines four sequential short films into one 32 minute animation:

Act 1 – Energy Blind

Act 2 – The Human Superorganism

Act 3 – The Human Being

Act 4 – The Great Simplification

​Later on May 19th, TGS will be hosting a Q&A session with the creators: Nate Hagens and The Great Simplification production team. They’d love to see you there and hear your questions about the film! 

TGS hope you’ll enjoy this video (and subsequent ones) as much as they enjoyed putting them together. More importantly, they hope they change your mind a bit about – energy – and the role we can play in our collective future.

Register for the event (Q&A session) here and/or watch the YouTube Premiere here:

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