The world population reaches 8 billion

| December 27, 2022 | Leave a Comment

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Date of Publication: December 7

Year of Publication: 2022

Publisher: Scot Scoop (Carlmont High School)

Author(s): Katherine A. Zhang

8 billion people.

The total number of people living on this planet. To think that just 12 years ago, the population made it to 7 billion.

According to the United Nations, the world population reached 8 billion on Nov. 15, 2022. But this new number brings forth an onslaught of challenges that people must face.

Climate change, food insecurity, and sustainability have all become terms that people are familiar with. But these are just a few of the numerous challenges that humans already face. The Earth has its limits, but the population will continue to grow and create implications for those problems.

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