It’s Time For A Convention Of States

| September 1, 2019 | Leave a Comment

US Capitol Building


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Media Type: News / Op - Ed

Publication Info: Civil Beat

Date of Publication: August 26, 2019

Author(s): Danny De Gracia


Having marked 60 years of statehood, despite challenges, our islands have been a place where one can find some of the newest ideas and innovations in policy, culture and social progress.

Hawaii’s state constitution, as a case in point, is one of the most modern, elegant and even poetically written social compacts in the United States.

The lessons Hawaii has learned as the newest state to enter the Union lend our people a unique perspective on the future of governance and the changing American experience since 1776.

Thirty-four state applications are needed to call a convention, and 38 states are needed to ratify any proposed amendments at a convention. So far, 15 states have passed qualified applications.

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