The Uninhabitable Earth- Life After Warming

| February 8, 2019 | Leave a Comment

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Media Type: Book - Recent

Year of Publication: 2019

Publisher: Crown Publishing Group

Author(s): David Wallace-Wells

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  • Mike Hanauer

    Climate change might just be brought under control by ecoengineering, likely with awful side effects like is had with most technology in an overcrowded world.

    This is much BIGGER than only climate change (or whatever symptom you want to fight today), which is one of many difficult environmental and social problems we now have. I have come to believe that getting to authentic sustainability, as the real environmental issue, is the required overarching goal if we wish to save our planet, our nation, and our communities.

    If we only try to mitigate symptoms like climate change, we still NEVER attain authentic sustainability. That means the oceans still die, the fish are all eaten, the planet’s diversity of life disappears with all its habitat, the traffic, sprawl, heaps of trash, and economic inequality still only get worse with always escalating housing prices, clean water becomes ever scarcer, and we still need franken foods to feed the growing population. In fact, mitigating only carbon emissions may well allow us to further escape sustainability and worsen all the symptoms. Our continuing population and economic growth overwhelms all else, including carbon emissions and our need for energy. Please see the brief article at

    Our culture of looking to (eternal) growth is the SOURCE of most of our problems, NOT the solution. The USA doubles its GDP every 40 years and adds a Chicago to its population every year (mostly immigration). Growth overwhelms all else we try to do to help the environment and our society. It only feeds quantity while quality is overwhelmed.

    You say we don’t have time to act on the overarching issue of growth? We have said that for 50 years, yet we always find some other symptom to fight. Further, changing population trends is technologically easy and quick compared to changing atmospheric carbon levels. It is time! Individuals and, especially, organizations must rise to this reality if they value their mission or an honest quality future.

    Consider even the local financial, water and open space challenges in your own community. Without always pressure to support more growth, we could concentrate on our quality of life rather than in always somehow accommodating more. “Better, not bigger”.

    Population is the great multiplier – Few problems exist before you multiply by our overpopulation.

    “Anyone who believes in unlimited growth is either a madman or an economist”. -Kenneth Boulding